New Beginnings: A Toast.

Posted Jan 9th, 2017

New Beginnings: A Toast.

The new year often brings a new set of opportunities; here at Imagine, things are no different. Imagine Magazine would like to welcome and thank Craze Fest for the opportunity to work and grow together.

As part of our new affiliation, readers will find a sponsored feed right here on of all of our news and coverage stories. Creating a synergized "one stop shop" for information on the best festival in Ontario and the automotive world.

As part of this new beginning, we would like to tell you a little about ourselves. Whether you have already found us, or are just learning about us for the first time - we have never really shared who we are as a publication.

Imagine Magazine began early 2016 with the aim to bring the world a new kind of automotive magazine. We bring our readers all the same type of automotive stories found on most publications - with the added benefit of a personal touch. In short, we want readers to feel as though they are having an open conversation with a real person.

We hope you enjoy reading our stories for years to come. To find us directly, we are located at

See you all at Craze Fest!

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