New Life: JCW Countryman

Posted Feb 10th, 2017 in Cars, News

John Cooper Works (JCW) has been Mini’s in house tuning company since BMW bought the name and revived the brand. Ever since they have built supercharged or turbocharged versions of the Cooper that would readily tear the face of its driver clean off and thank you for the entertainment.

Now, a new JCW has been announced. It’s not another killer-Cooper, it’s the large(ish) Countryman. We have always had reservations on the looks of it, namely that Mini’s biggest problem these days is that they are absolutely massive. So for the brand to produce an “SUV” was preposterous.

Who knows, maybe the fantastic lunatics at JCW can make the Countryman a truly great machine to put a smile on the faces of onlookers and drivers alike. It will have the same 2.0L turbocharged engine of the past JCW examples, producing 228hp as always – only with 22 more torques than the hatchback Coopers at 258 lb. ft.

This increase of torque figures (and acceleration) is thanks to the marriage of the insane JCW engine with the Countryman’s standard 4 wheel drive powertrain. Predominantly front driven, engaging the rear wheels when necessary. Likely, it will always be necessary with that much torque and the inevitable heavy feet that will grow on those who buy it. Especially when linked to the optional manual transmission.

Aside from these changes, the JCW Countryman will also sport a new body kit and bigger wheels to remind everyone it has transformed from a boring ugly duckling to (potentially) a face ripping, insane asylum escapee.


Photos courtesy of Evo UK.

Written by Adam from Imagine Auto

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