Fiat 124

Posted Feb 17th, 2017 in Cars, News

The Miata MX-5 has always carried with it a certain stigma; it was always thought (rather unfortunately) that one could only really own one if they were employed by a hair dressing salon or in a facility where people pay to make themselves orange in the snowy season.

The Italians helped create the newest generation MX-5, who’s looks do work towards eliminating its “feminine” demeanour. Launched alongside it was Fiat’s 124 Spyder – MX-5 driving brilliance coupled with Italian styling.

Surely the 124 Spyder will be a phenomenal car. As with all of Fiat’s greatest models, Abarth has even seen fit to add some chillis to the recipe for buyers with a little extra cash burning a hole in their pocket. Better still, the Italian’s reliability issues have even been subverted with the 124 coming from the same factory in Japan as its cousin.

For those who are not prepared to bear the societal judgement of the MX-5 but still want a corner hugging 4-cylinder buzzy little roadster, Fiat has your answer.

Written by Adam from Imagine Auto

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