Shining Reminders

Posted Feb 24th, 2017

The 2017 Canadian International Autoshow in Toronto is growing nearer at an alarming rate.

Opening February 17th we the count down has begun. With all the hype being around new cars

and all the latest technology, it is always good to remember the humble beginnings this world

came from.

For this, CIAS is holding another edition of Art & the Automobile; a historical car show within the

main event with only the finest examples of classic cars from all around.

“ Under the title The Canadian Story, this year’s Art & the Automobile exhibit will feature Canada’s most

important cars in context with important historical landmarks over the past 150 years. It will showcase a

combination of Canadian designed and built cars that stretch back to the year of Canada’s confederation, as

well as extremely rare cars owned by Canadian collectors who share a passion for fine cars — many of them

with connections to important historical events. The one-of-a-kind exhibit is being hosted by Cobble Beach

Concours D’Elegance, September 17, 2017.” says a representative from CIAS.

A comprehensive list of this year’s examples:

● 1867 Seth Morgan Steam Buggy

● 1910 McKay

● 1914 Russell 14-28

● 1927 McLaughlin-Buick

● 1956 Monarch Richelieu

In addition to these fine Canadian historical examples, Cobble Beach Concours D’Elegance will also be

featuring these classical legends:

● 1903 Columbus Electric

● 1935 Packard 1207 Dietrich-bodied Coupe Roadster

● 1936 Rolls Royce Phantom III Sedanca De Ville

● 1949 Cadillac Concept

● 1965 Aston Martin DB5 Superleggera

These machines will surely give the modern marvels this show was designed to present a run for their money

in class and beauty. Above all, it will bring happy memories for many, and remind us all of the automotive

industry’s humble beginnings that got us where we are today.

Photos generously provided by the Canadian International Autoshow

Written by Adam from Imagine Auto

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