Catching Up - Again: GM

Posted Apr 11th, 2017

Catching Up - Again: GM

The relatively recent launch of the C7 Corvette saw much needed updates to keep the American hero sports car competitive with its various counterparts from across the ocean. At last the Corvette featured things like carbon fibre almost everything and the ability to handle as nimbly as (sorry) the Europeans have always been able to.

A recent patent filing has shown that GM is showing interest in keeping up to date this time. It looks like the newest Corvette to come out; either in a facelifted C7 or maybe even a C8 (rumoured to even be mid-engined).

The system appears to control things like ride height, splitters, and wings. So undoubtedly the Corvette will remain as comfortable in its new bendy-home as ever.

Written by Adam Tedesco from Imagine Automotive Lifestyle Magazine

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