A Healthy Drive

Posted Apr 14th, 2017 in Cars

A Healthy Drive

It’s been another long day at work. The boss has demanded more of you than it’s possible to achieve in the given time frame. The phone has been ringing off the hook. Papers have piled up on your desk. That big deal closes next week and it’s nowhere near an agreement yet. You have fallen into your brand new Mercedes Benz a lump of stress and exhaustion. You find yourself sitting in stop and go rush hour traffic. It looks like it will be the rest of your life before you’re home.

You, are absolutely relaxed and comfortable.

According to Mercedes-Benz, this is what that future may look like for owners who can afford a premium S-class or Maybach. We hope (if implemented) the system will slowly trickle it’s way down the model levels as it often does with Mercedes.

The system currently in concept/prototype stages is dubbed “Fit and Healthy” - sensors combined with a wearable device monitor heart rate and other bodily information. This information is then sent to the car’s “brain” which enable it to automatically adjust things such as temperature, mood-assisting routes, and even fragrances via climate control.

“If you are tired and stressed with a slightly low pulse, the vehicle will activate the appropriate climate control levels with a light fragrance, provide the most stress-free navigation route or location of rest areas and suit your mood with the proper music and lighting. In addition, the new car seats can utilize a new type of massage and adjust their position to increase blood flow.” - Mercedes Benz

The idea is to increase road safety by eliminating driver’s distraction due to stress or anger. While that may be, it also seems Mercedes has once again found a way to allow their cars to pamper owners in sumptuous comfort.

Written by Adam Tedesco from Imagine Automotive Lifestyle Magazine

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