More in Four: An Opinion

Posted Apr 21st, 2017

More in Four: An Opinion

Jaguar. Ever the innovators and prototype-creators - have announced a new base model for the highly sought after and adored F-type. This new baby Jag will sport a tiny 2.0L inline 4 with just one turbo for a wingman.

Sounds sad, doesn’t it? Maybe even borderline desperate for those who want the appearance of youthful sportiness but who don’t quite have the financial assets for the existing range.. It’s been previously mentioned that I am, and always will be a die hard through-and-through Mercedes/AMG fanatic. Which, inherently, means I am an advocate for the ancient art of the V8. They make the best noise. They make large power figures. They drink the entirety of their fuel supply in one hilarious gulp.

So let’s press pause here. Stop the broken record and put on some crisp new logic of the modern day. Tell you what, let’s even skip fuel economy…

...and get straight to what matters. Power, speed, excitement, curb appeal, head turning. There are quite simply no other reasons for buying a premium brand 2 door sports car. This seems to be where this new tiny-hearted F-type begins to fall short. But will it?

I’ve left this part out until now for a very specific reason; it makes 296 horsepower. That’s more than the 3.5L V6 in my current car which, yes, is a Mercedes. That’s actually quite close to the current smallest engine option (a 3.0L V6) for the F-type which produces 340 horsepower.

Still not convinced? Consider this: Mitsubishi Evo, Alfa Romeo 4C, Focus RS, Lotus Elise. The list could continue for miles and years. These days there is an astounding amount of fun to be milked from a small 4-pot.

Let Jaguar do their thing. I bet an inline 4 F-type will bring smiles the world over.

Image source: Jaguar Canada

Written by Adam Tedesco-Henry from Imagine Automotive Lifestyle Magazine

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