Look at This! Mini.

Posted May 5th, 2017

There has always been one rather large problem with the modern Mini Cooper.

They’re massive.

The worst offender of this name is the Countryman. This now fullsize hatchback has been getting bigger seemingly every year of its production. If Mini were to ever make a full size SUV, it would surely be at least a descendant of the Countryman.

Well, good news. Or bad news, if you’re a Mini purist. The Countryman has taken yet another step towards Sport Utility-hood with the addition of a tent.

Oh yes, you can now take your Mini (available with all wheel drive) into the wild, off the beaten path, into a grassy field - and sleep on the roof.

The optional tents (priced at about $370 from Mini) are made by Italian manufacturer Autohome. Measuring 2 feet tall, 7 feet long and nearly 4 ½ feet wide. It won’t be a castle in the trees, or even all that comfortable really, but it will keep you out of the elements for the evening.

It’s not entirely lacking in luxuries; after all, when it comes down to it this is BMW we’re talking about. This little shelter comes with features such as an LED light, a fleet of storage nets/pockets, an aluminum access ladder, and a pair of zipper operated doors with windows. Oh yes.

Image source: Car & Driver

Blog written by Adam Tedesco from Imagine Automotive Lifestyle Magazine

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