Project ERASE

Posted May 19th, 2017

Project ERASE

There’s nothing like a good drive with friends out in the sun. Get together in the morning, plan a route through the best roads the area has to offer, and set off towards the horizon. It’s the highlight of the summer for car enthusiasts everywhere.

Turns out, if you live in Ontario the police would rather you didn’t. Specifically, they would prefer you keep speed to a minimum.

It started about mid-April: Project ERASE. “Eliminate Racing Activity on Streets Everywhere” in longer terms. Aimed at eliminating street racing and stunt driving on Ontario highways - an ever growing concern for law enforcement.

As a result, the amount of roadside impounds and serious (and expensive) tickets issued have taken a noticeable rise recently.

We’re all for a good drive on good roads with some great cars and better friends. But if the goal is to drive fast - road courses across the province offer open track days; and we assure you - it costs less than a speeding ticket.

Photo source: 680 News

Blog by Adam Tedesco from Imagine Automotive Lifestyle Magazine

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